Ausfilm markets Australia’s incentive scheme, locations and capabilities worldwide to assist international screen producers to make their productions in Australia. Ausfilm is a partnership organisation between private industry and government. It comprises Australia’s Federal, State and Territory Governments and 30 private-sector companies.
Film Victoria
Film Victoria is an excellent resource for filmmakers interested in filming or post-production/VFX in Victoria, Australia. It provides assistance with location breakdowns and surveys, accessing production personnel, as well as travel and working information.
Screen NSW
Screen NSW has a leadership role in promoting partnerships across the sector and providing “more than money” in connecting individuals and organisations, providing information through regular industry events, and supporting a vibrant and informed screen community.
South Australian Film Corporation
Starting life as a production company in 1972, the SAFC has helped foster an internationally recognised industry that has produced hundreds of feature films, television dramas and documentaries. In 1994, the SAFC ceased to be a producer and became South Australia’s film development agency, providing investment, development programs and training support for film, television and new media production in South Australia.


Fiji Audio Visual Commission
Fiji has one of the world’s best tax incentives for films, TV, music, ICT and other audiovisual activities. The core task of the Commission as directed by the Fiji Islands Audio Visual Commission (FIAVC) Act of 2002 is to “Promote and Develop the Audio Visual Industry in the Fiji Islands”. In this regard the definition of Audio Visual operational within the Commission covers:


Film Auckland
Film Auckland’s objective is to ensure your production experience in and around the region is seamless. As your first point of contact for the Auckland Screen Production Industry, Film Auckland can help you tap into Auckland and New Zealand’s vast network of experienced and innovative Film Industry professionals.
Film New Zealand
Film New Zealand is New Zealand’s national film locations office providing information, introductions and support to filmmakers, both internationally and nationally. For those wishing to film in New Zealand, Film New Zealand can supply everything you need to know about locations, facilities, crews, permits, immigration, taxation, transport and accommodation. Film New Zealand is an independent, industry-led organisation, governed by a Board of Trustees representing industry and government.
Film Otago Southland
A progressive film office accessing you to the southern half of the South Island.
We have strong relationships with local authorities throughout our region to ensure a seamless, enjoyable production experience. Professional Crews, State of the Art Equipment.
Film Venture Taranaki
We are an emerging film production destination featuring wilderness locations within minutes from thriving infrastructure and enthusiastic community support. The lush green landscape of Taranaki is dominated by a volcano and surrounded by a dramatic coastline with black sand beaches.
Film Wellington
Film Wellington, located in the capital of New Zealand, covers eight regional areas at the centre of this stunningly beautiful country. Wellington offers a diverse range of locations from a major city to lush rural landscapes and dramatic coastlines only minutes away.