Busan Film Commission
Busan’s film support system excels that of any other city in the world. The citizens’ love for movies and full support from government agencies including Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Metropolitan Police Agency and Busan Fire Department have absolutely contributed to the build-up of the Busan film industry in a relatively short period of 10 years.
Cheongpung Film Commission
Established in 1973, Korean Film Council(KOFIC) is a special organization of wider state sector, entrusted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Republic of Korea, aiming to support the development and promotion of Korean films. KOFIC is a government-supported but a self-administered body, which is guaranteed its specialization and independence and it is considered as a Quango; Quasiautonomous non-government organization. 
Jeonju Film Commission
Jeonju Film Commission provides a dynamic one-stop shop for all services concerning a host of film, music video, television drama and commercial projects. Our staff will help you procure needed equipment and any extras for your projects. We provide detailed location information and scouting reports as well as assistance with obtaining the necessary filming permits. Our aim is to facilitate cooperation between all the local and regional government agencies you need to interact with during your project.  
Seoul Film Commission
Seoul Film Commission, founded in 2001, is the film commission for the jurisdiction of Seoul, the heart of Korea’s thriving film industry. The city is home to 95% of all film related companies and film facilities, and over 40% of the annual movies are shot here.   

Émirats arabes unis

Abu Dhabi Film Commission
Abu Dhabi Film Commission is part of the Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi. It was launched in 2009 and has a mandate to support the development of Abu Dhabi’s growing film & TV industry and promote the Emirate as a production and filming location.

Hong Kong

Film Services Office, Create Hong Kong
To create and maintain an environment conducive to the long term and healthy development of the film industry. To facilitate film production in Hong Kong. To promote Hong Kong films locally and abroad.


Fukuoka Film Commission
Fukuoka Film Commission can provide the following services. Location Introduction. We introduce locations suitable to your own images. Arrangement for Permission for Filming Use. Introduction of Filming Related Agencies. We introduce agencies with crew, cast, equipment, rental vehicles, lunchbox delivery, accommodations and other necessary arrangements.  
Himeji Film Commission
Film Commissions are non-profit organizations to support and facilitate on-location shooting for the films, TV and other media. Himeji City established the Himeji Film Commission for that purpose and it has been successfully assisting various kinds of on-location shooting.  
Hiroshima Film Commission  
Japan Film Commission
Japan Film Commission (JFC) is a national film commission covering the entire country of Japan. It is your first contact if you are interested in filming in Japan. With its main office in Tokyo, Japan Film Commission is a non-profit organization comprised of over 70 regional film commissions as well as various film and video industry guilds and organizations, such as the Directors Guild of Japan.
Kitakyushu Film Commission
Kitakyushu FC offers the following services: Consultation concerning all aspects of filming; Research and introduction of film locations; Guided tours of the city for location hunting and scenario scouting; Assistance with receiving permission to use public facilities, public roads, etc.;
Recommendation of lodging, rental car companies, restaurants, etc.; Recruiting extras
Notifying area in advance of filming; Full assistance while filming, including arranging locations and safety precautions  
Kobe Film Office
Kobe Film Office was established in September of 2000 to carry on the traditional film cultures and to launch a new film and visual media culture in the 21st century. Kobe Film Office was also the first film commission in Japan to be accepted as a full member of AFCI.  
Oita City Location Office
We have a lot of interesting spots for filming, and we would like to tell you about characteristic points of our city. We have The Kyushu oil dome where was used as a stadium for World Cup 2002. You can seal off the road surround The Kyushu oil dome to shoot whenever it doesn’t have any events or occasions.  
Tokyo Location Box
The Tokyo Location Box provides information to ensure safe and trouble-free filming in Tokyo. We believe that introducing Tokyo to a wider audience through movies and TV dramas leads to the promotion of the city and attracts tourists from both home and abroad. We utilize location filming for the purpose of supporting revitalization of local communities.


Royal Film Commission of Jordan
THE ROYAL FILM COMMISSION – JORDAN (RFC) was established with a vision to develop an internationally competitive Jordanian film industry.  


Film Development Council of the Philippines
The Film Development Council of the Philippines is the government-backed lead agency for film in the Philippines ensuring that the economic, cultural and educational aspects of film are effectively represented at home and abroad.


Media Development Authority Singapore
To nurture, support and promote Singapore talent in filmmaking, the production of Singapore films, and a film industry in Singapore.


Thailand Film Office
Dozens of foreign films have been shot in Thailand, with the kingdom either playing itself or standing in for a neighboring country, such as Vietnam or Cambodia.
The availability of elephants, exotic jungle and beach settings, relatively low production costs, and a mature domestic film industry that provides a legion of experienced crew members, have made Thailand an attractive location for many Hollywood films and other foreign productions.