Ouarzazate Film Commission
Ouarzazate Film Commission was created by the initiative of the Regional Council of Souss Massa Drâa and the Morrocan Cinematigraphic Center in January 2008. Its main goal is to promote cinematogarphic industry in Ouarzazate and to facilate filming in the region. Its main duties are to facilitate filming in the region by offering foreign film crews the best possible work conditions and production framework.


Nigerian Film Corporation
The Nigerian Film Corporation with headquarters in Jos, Plateau State was established through Decree 61 of 1979. By 1982, through an enabling Act of the First Republic, its first Board of Directors was inaugurated with Mr. Bayo Oduneye as Chairman, and late Adamu Halilu, as Protem General Manager.


Kenya Film Commission
The Commission is a state corporation under the Ministry of Information and Communication. To be the reputed film partner of choice. Create a gateway to economic growth through excellence in film


Mauritius Film Development Corporation
The objectives of the Corporation as enunciated in the Act are: to import, export, exhibit and produce films; to establish relationship with foreign and international persons or bodies for the promotion of film activities; to hold or promote the holding of film show festivals to cater for the cultural and linguistic needs of the people of Mauritius; to give such assistance, financial or otherwise, as the Board may determine to persons or bodies engaged in the productions or exhibition of films.


Namibia Film Commission
For those wishing to film in Namibia, the NFC can supply information on everything you need to know about production services, locations, facilities, crews, permits, taxation, transport and accommodation. Discover Namibia for your next award winning film production.

Afrique du sud

Gauteng Film Office
The Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) develops, promotes and coordinates the film and television production industry in South Africa’s wealthiest province.
Zulu Coast Film Office
The Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal Film Office is funded by and operates under the auspices of uThungulu District Municipality, aimed at promoting the district as well as acting as facilitator for feature film, television, video and stills photography trade.